I’m full of cold, but freelancers can’t take paid sick leave so I’m writing an update from the comfort of my sofa. The fire is lit and Bojangles is curled up next to me (complete with cobweb on her back – not even kidding), so here we go!

As far as first months in new jobs go, I think this one has been particularly successful. I have two clients so far with November looking to be even more fruitful and challenging. I’ve had a great balance of work and life, admittedly I’d have liked a little more work to pay for my life but it’ll come.

Mit Geduld und Zeit
Kommt man Weit
– The German equivalent of “good things come to those who wait”

Freelancing often means working from home, which is an aspect I’ve learned to perfect over the course of the last 4 or 5 weeks: get up at a respectable time, make progress on projects and allow time to get outdoors for at least half an hour a day. When I don’t have client work I read books, listen to podcasts or research who I can email about potential collaborations.

Hustling for jobs isn’t something I’ve ever had to do before but I’ve got used to putting myself out there and I’m almost comfortable with it now. Being self-reliant forces you to stick your neck on the line, otherwise you might be living off beans on toast for a while. I love beans on toast – don’t get me wrong! I think there is still some confidence-building to do there, so I’d appreciate any pointers if you have them.

I’ve made contact with people already in my network, spread the word on my social media channels and I’m beginning to reap the rewards. My only goal for the first month of work was to do enough to pay my rent and I’m pleased to say I’ve done that (and then some). It might be a little delayed this month as I get into the swing of invoice due dates but I’ve got a pretty understanding landlord/boyfriend.

Next month, I want to really knuckle down and strike the right balance of work and life. I’d like one more regular client or a project to get my teeth stuck into for a couple of weeks and I’ll be singing. If you know someone or that someone is you, get in touch.

On a related note, if you work from home in the Hope Valley region, would you be interested in joining me if I set up a HumpDay Coffee Club? An old colleague of mine set up the first chapter in Ramsbottom and it’s expanding rapidly. I want to gauge the appetite of Peak District dwellers before committing, but given there are plenty of independent coffee shops in our humble Valley, I’d really keen to support them and widen my network of freelancers and those who need a break from working at home.