I write this about a week prior to Heaps Good Words launching into the public domain. I’m equal parts terrified, excited, anxious and ebullient – it’s quite some cake I’ll soon be eating.

I’m anticipating that the most frequently asked question after “how much do you charge?” will be “what does “Heaps Good Words” mean?” so I’m here to fight that fire before more start.

/hiːps gʊd/
Origin: South Australia
Very impressive, awesome

I fear it’s a little self-explanatory when spelled out like that, but essentially I’m paying homage to the roots I’ve laid around the world.

I moved to Adelaide when I was 15 years old and spent the best part of 10 years growing up and figuring out how to end up where I am now. South Australia is a unique place bursting with vineyards responsible for some of the world’s most famous wines (Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Jacob’s Creek), picture perfect beaches and a climate for which most Brits would sell a kidney.

“Heaps good” is to Adelaide as “Ay up” is to Yorkshire. It’s a signature and it’s an affinity to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Despite my yo-yo move back to the UK, I still catch myself using the phrase and when I do, it makes me feel like I’m home again.

It made sense to use the domestic duet in my brand name, not least because it’s quite fitting (my words are heaps good, I promise) but also brings me comfort at a time when I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by a new challenge.

Everything will be heaps good, I’m sure of it.